2021 BlizzCon Expo Going Digital

The COVID-19 Pandemic inflicted the gaming industry in ways that’d never before been seen. Concerns over-employed personnel & attending guests contracting the virus prompted multiple gaming expositions to become cancelled. This included Game Developers Conference & E3 2020. Closures extended toward the “2020 BlizzCon Expo”, which switched promised a return under a new digital format that supported online streaming. That announcement prompted the gaming corporation to announce that “2021 BlizzCon Expo” will be streamed directly through their website & YouTube.

Their decision to implement an online streaming format for BlizzCon in 2021 shows Activision & Blizzard’s commitment towards protecting their workforces, while also ensuring the safety of guests that would have attended this event without any concerns. Blizzards decision comes after the United States of America surpassed more than 5 Million Cases of COVID-19. Blizzard & Activision couldn’t risk exposing their workforces to what’d likely be an infected population.

Blizzard President Allen Brack announced the streaming format for the “2021 BlizzCon Expo” throughout a 2nd Quarter Earnings Videoconference. Investors weren’t thrilled by the announcement but understood financial penalties associated with hosting an event of this magnitude would outweigh any possible profits. Blizzard & their investors are working on new retail products that can be supported in the digital environment.

The BZE Virtual Ticket Pass

Allen Brack clarified that they wouldn’t be hosting this venue without the passionate & engaging community behind their infamous franchises, like World of Warcraft or Overwatch. Blizzard’s President remarked that multiple announcements & teasers regarding upcoming additions to their core franchises would be revealed at the “2021 BlizzCon Expo”. Those interested in viewing these festivities must purchase a BZE Virtual Ticket Pass to gain access. This pass allows gamers to enter a cosplay content & compete in exclusive eSport Tournaments for three days.

Activision or Blizzard didn’t release details on when BlizzCon Expo Ticket Passes will go on sale. This extends to an official date for the “2021 BlizzCon Expo”. That’s likely because neither Blizzard nor Activision have implemented a live stream event of this magnitude. Learning how to entertain guests & offer them unique prizes, while still providing retail products through the digital format will take longer than expected.