Best Extreme Sports Game for the PC

It can be hugely frustrating when you aren’t able to hit the slopes or take the BMX out for a spin. However, it’s often the next thing to live vicariously through a PC game. Over the years, manufacturers have endeavoured to replicate the thrill and adrenaline rush of extreme sports although many of these have received a mixed reception. Some games within this genre have truly hit the sweet spot whilst others have sadly sunk without trace. We take a look at some of the best offerings from years gone by and focus on the things that made them so memorable.


MXGP Pro (2018)

Generally considered to be the best MXGP game to date, this 2018 release proved to be an instant hit with Motocross fans around the world. Players are able to create their own rider and test their creation across a number of different terrains. There are over 30 different challenges within the game which gives plenty of variety to the overall game-play. The creators teamed up with Antonio Cairoli, one of the most successful athletes in his field to ensure the realism remains throughout the game and the legendry Italian is also depicted within the animation and acts as a mentor figure to new players. Motocross fans are a passionate bunch and it was absolutely imperative that the creators got this one right. Those who haven’t had their fix by playing MXGP Pro can now use one of the numerous betting apps to wager on all upcoming races and events. Technological advances now allow Motocross fans to follow their favourite sport more closely than ever before.


Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 (2003)

Tony Hawks remains one of the most renowned figures in the world of skateboarding and the legendry sportsman’s name has also been long associated with PC gaming. In this 2003 release, the creators added more tasks than ever before with a number of realistic challenges and hurdles designed to truly test gamers. The 8-person multi-player was arguably the highlight of this particular game with extreme sports fans able to team up and try out a number of new tricks. Interestingly, four new characters were also added to the game including Jango Fett from Star Wars and Mike Vallely, a professional skater and wrestler and all of these can be unlocked across various levels. This kept the game feeling fresh and maintained a level of quirkiness which made the franchise so popular with gamers.


Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer (2002)

At the time of this release, surfing games were few and far between. This extremely polished effort was head and shoulders above previous releases in this genre and its Tony Hawks-style game-play made it hugely popular with extreme sports fans. Players were able to link together core tricks as well as take on a number of testing challenges. There were ten playable professional surfers to unlock and a number of different locations which became available throughout the game. It didn’t quite offer the full authentic surfing experience, although it came extremely close!


Bungee Jumping Simulator (2009)

This game which was produced by UIG entertainment allowed players to enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping without the dangers that are part and parcel of this extreme activity. Although the premise was relatively straightforward, the creators also added a points system which credited players for the dexterity of their jump and also allowed plenty of room for creativity. There are three levels of difficulty which enables players to work through the levels. Very few companies have since tried to replicate the thrill of bungee jumping as UIG cornered the market with his excellent release back in 2009.