Boston Mayor Reacts to Sony Cancelling PAX East Show

The coronavirus is creating global panic regarding personal safety, with numerous conferences and expositions being terminated. This was proven again with the announcement that PlayStation wouldn’t showcase their upcoming products at PAX East 2020 or the Game Developers Conference. Representatives from Sony claimed this is for the benefit of employees, with the Mayor of Boston not pleased with their design. Marty Walsh was written a letter for Kenichiro Yoshida, the President and CEO of Sony. He’s requested that Yoshida reconsider their involvement with PAX East 2020.

This letter indicated that guests arriving at the Boston-located event would have an incredibly low chance of contracting the Covid-19 virus strain. PAX East 2020 is also implementing protocols enforced by the World Health Organization, which demands that on-site services enable large-scale conferences of expositions during a global health epidemic. Subsequently, anybody displaying cold-like symptoms could receive immediate medical assistance.

Marty Walsh also mentioned in the letter that cancelling their event reinforced numerous stereotypes regarding the Asian Community, which American-Asians have spent generations to dismantle in the United States of America. Walsh expressed that by terminating their booths and showcases, it creates suspicions towards the American-Asian community in Boston. It also makes Sony and PlayStation look weak, with Microsoft’s Xbox providing the necessary provisions to remain active at these expositions. The Boston Mayor finished his penned letter by noting international companies need to set good examples, that as a technology corporation, they should be motivated by facts and not fear. The Mayor couldn’t be more correct.

Reported Cases of Coronavirus in America

The United States of America is considered one of the most medically advanced nations worldwide. There’s been a total of thirty-five confirmed cases of the coronavirus in America, with nobody passing away from the virus. Governing authorities over PAX East 2020 expressed that their sanitization and cleaning efforts have been enhanced tenfold, with gloves and masks provided across the venue for concerned guests.

This means that the rate of infection with current worldwide exposure is less than 0.00012% chance of catching the coronavirus. Gaming analysts believe that Sony has pulled themselves from PAX East 2020 because their announced playable demo for “The Last of Us Part II” wasn’t complete. It’d make more sense than want Yoshida is claiming, especially when this game has faced numerous delays in production.