Bots Limiting Nintendo Switch Sales

One of the hottest non-essential commodities on global markets right now is the Nintendo Switch. That’s because millions have been forced into self-isolation for protection against the novel coronavirus. These civilians are looking for new ways to entertain themselves during this global pandemic, ensuring their survival from boredom. However, there have been a series of challenges associated with acquiring the Nintendo Switch during COVID-19. That’s because the Nintendo Companies influx of stock has depleted, with their facilities through China being restricted with employee movement.

Available products provided to global retailers aren’t being acquired by standard civilians, with disrespectful consumers implementing “Purchasing Bots”. These automated technologies inform the user immediately when an online retailer has received the desired product. That criminal-esc consumer is then prompted to purchase the product for an immediate resale with profit margins of $200.00. It’s forcing standard civilians to pay premium prices on the Nintendo Switch, with illicit behaviour of this nature being deemed illegal by the American and Canadian governments. It’s not known if these criminals will be located, fined, or imprisoned for their actions.

The Vice Investigation

One of the more important news outlets in the United States of America maintained a secretive investigation into the immediate disappearance of Nintendo Switch stock. They calculated data from Best Buy and Walmart with the assistance of Discord’s Bird Bot. They found that numerous communities across North America were implementing these actionable strategies, ensuring a minimal profit during a period where Americans are losing their jobs. Discord has begun banning users that apply the Bird Bot for illegal purchasing strategies. However, numerous other bots are available online, with a large percentage through the Dark Web.

These programs via the Dark Web often support criminal activity. Once these criminals turn towards the illegal services associated with the Dark Web, law enforcement will be challenged to locate their IP Addresses and impose justice. It’s recommended that standard consumers establishing an overpriced Nintendo Switch through Third-Party Retailers should report it to the proper authorities. It should be mentioned that these illegal technologies have been used with Nintendo products in the past. The Nintendo NES Classic Edition and Switch Lite both experienced similar declines in availability.