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Boston Mayor Reacts to Sony Cancelling PAX East Show

The coronavirus is creating global panic regarding personal safety, with numerous conferences and expositions

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The Nintendo Switch is following significant delays after the coronavirus outbreak. Another delay was

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After multiple years of the Nintendo Corporation fighting with the United States Department of

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Virtual reality has become the fastest-growing variation of gaming, with thousand purchasing the products

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The Sony Corporation released the top-selling games for PlayStation in 2019 on January 10th.

Fortnite Tops Video Game Sales in 2019

Many of those who are not ones to follow the video game industry will

Battlefield 5 Remains Unpleasing to Play

It’s officially been one year since gamers got their hands of Battlefield 5, which

Modern Warfare Most-Played COD this Generation

After years of declining sales, the Call of Duty franchise has received a much-needed