Cleveland Base Jumper in Hospital After Failed Attempt

Base jumping is one of the more life-threatening extreme sports available to adrenaline addicts. Often, conditions for parachuting off buildings aren’t favourable & result in the jumper crashing into glass windows, or the pavement. This happed again on August 23rd in Cleveland, Ohio. It was reported that an unidentified man jumped from an apartment building at 2 A.M. Witnesses viewing this shocking event immediately saw his parachute fail to catch wind streams and forced the jumper towards the roof of Cleveland’s Channel 19 News Station. The parachute caught onto the roof, and this unidentified male was thrown against the building. It resulted in his leg fracturing in multiple locations.

Footage from mobile devices was captured of the Cleveland Resident jumping from the Chester & East 12th Street Apartment Building, where he’d land horribly against an adjacent news station. One witness of the fall stayed & waited until Cleveland Firefighters rescued the man, who now hanged 40-Feet from the pavement. Witnesses noted that this base jumper’s pain was evident, and his screams could be heard echoing through the downtown area of Cleveland.

Details regarding the evident were provided by Mike Norma, the Cleveland Fire Lieutenant responsible for this call. He’d inform local media that four individuals were base jumping from the Chester & East 12th Street Apartments, where three were successful, and one wasn’t. It was emphasized that the three successful base jumpers landed in a nearby park, as seen by witnesses. However, those individuals haven’t been located for their illegal actions.

Charges Likely Not Being Pressed

Mike Norman mentioned that this unidentified male was sent to the Metro Health Hospital after the traumatic events. Witnesses & Firefighters bother claimed that this man is lucky to hold onto his life, with a drop of 40-Feet enough to paralyze or kill a human being. It’s unknown if law enforcement will press charges against this base jumper. Technically, the unidentified male would’ve likely committed breaking & entering to access the apartment roof. Base jumping from undesignated buildings is illegal without approved city permits, which it appears these four individuals didn’t maintain. This evident in Cleveland is another instance of extreme sports athletes taking their skillsets to far.