Dean Hall Announces Icarus for PC

DayZ is an infamous battle royale game that brought considerably popularity to the shooter sub-genre. That founder of that franchise has announced his latest international property, which is named Icarus. Created by Rocketwerkz, gameplay football was released to consumers through the 2020 PC Gaming Digital Show. It’ll be formatted into the Free-to-Play Monetary System & focus on prolonged survival in a similar output to DayZ.

Fanatics behind the DayZ Franchise noticed the differences between Icarus & the zombie battle royale title, with Deans latest title focusing on the science fiction genre over horror. Similar gameplay elements are factored into Icarus though & that’s what provides its similarities to DayZ. Consumers will collect an abundance of resources by Hunting, Building, Excavating, and Harvesting. Players are awarded new contracted on real-time planets through collecting these resources. It means the more collected, the greater level of exploration that’s obtained.

Details Released on Icarus from Dean Hall

Dean Hall informed gamers of critical details regarding Icarus. The DayZ Founder was interviewed for 30+ minutes at the 2020 PC Gaming Digital Show. Dean mentioned that Co-Op Companions begin their adventure in a rural space station, with directives requiring a new mission be selected. Gamers are than sent towards an alien planet that demands its mission be completed within a 30 Minute to 48 Hour timeframe.

Hazardous conditions will often be met, with ferocious animals that have unknown capabilities traversing these landscapes. Multiple aspects of these alien planets will be deadly, including local wildlife and weather patterns. Gamers will have to strategize every step to properly enact & complete their mission before the clock runs out. Not completing the mission will kill off your character, forcing gamers to restart the adventure. Since there isn’t a linear storyline, this won’t prove difficult for gamers.

Dean finalized his public statements on Icarus by mentioning revive systems are drastically important & it’s recommended this title be played entirely through co-op. Exploring unknown landscapes could prompt players to lose in-game oxygen, break through unseen frozen environments, and weather pattens could force destruction onto the planet. Any unexpected event that terminates the lifespan of that player can be revived through the Icarus Buddy System.