Doctor Disrespect Seeking Legal Action Against Twitch

The Twitch banning of Doctor Disrespect became a prominent issue amongst fans of digital streaming. His personality was infamous amongst this community, providing hours of entertainment for younger audiences. It’d be revealed in early July that Dr Disrespect had been banned silently from Twitch without any prior notifications from the streaming services. Twitch Executives have refused to delegate with Guy Beahm (Doctor Disrespect) after unconfirmed allegations were made against the streamer. It’s prompted Beahm to consider legal action against Twitch over miscommunication & improper handling of his final salary.

Details regarding the problems with Doctor Disrespect and Twitch have been minimal since his banning, with Beahm revealing his course of legal action proving the silence. Releasing details begins to dispute evidence in court & decrease chances at winning approval from a judge. When asked why the banning occurred from Twitch, Doctor Disrespect refused to answer the question & cited the advice of his unnamed lawyers.

Guy Beahm remarked that his mind was blown after being unable to access his account. Known as Doctor Disrespect, he tasked his lawyers for legal counsel & has begun the process against Twitch. Guy Beahm uttered his careful mentality when answering questions, ensuring that the courts cannot disregard his complaint before being accepted. Details on the exact cause behind this lawsuit weren’t clarified until later into the interview after being pressed by PC Gamer.

The Controversy

It should be clarified that Doctor Disrespect is controversial, often teaching younger audiences’ things that aren’t needed. This included informing young children that 5G Telecommunication Networks could kill them with cancer. Additional allegations towards Dr Disrespect regarding sexual harassment as Public Streaming Events. These claims come after Guy Beahm was found filming the inside of a female & male bathroom, which prompted his original ban from Twitch. They’d provide him with a second opportunity that is now gone & never slated to return. Doctor Disrespect confirmed that he’d never game on Twitch again.

Guy Beahm also clarified that his next public appearance in the streaming community wouldn’t be made with Facebook Gaming. Details on precisely which service will be chosen wasn’t highlighted by Guy “Doctor Disrespect” Beahm, with speculation from fans suggesting YouTube Gaming.