Extreme Sports to Try in Namibia

If you are planning a holiday trip to Namibia, and wish to do more than merely enjoying the safaris and landscapes, you will be pleased to know that the Land of the Brave comes with tons of extreme sport activities that will allow you to get a rush of adrenaline to make your vacation more exciting and memorable. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the best extreme sports you can participate in when you visit Namibia.


The strong south-west winds that reach the lagoon in Walvis Bay makes it a perfect location for kitesurfing. It’s considered one of the most extreme water sports in the world, and the fact that it can be practised in Namibia makes it even more appealing to travellers. You will also be pleased to know that there are kitesurfing training schools in the area if you are new to the sport, making it ideal for newcomers and experienced surfers alike.

Shark Angling

Although many believe that fishing is not an extreme sport, we would like to argue that fact with shark angling as it inevitably gets your blood pumping when you are trying to reel in a shark with a weight of 100kg or more. You will notice that there are plenty of tour operators along the Swakopmund coast, Henties Bay, and Walvis Bay areas that provide shark angling excursions. The best time to visit Namibia if you are interested in the sport is from November through to May. You can easily catch fish that range from 15kg up to 190kg, and each of them will give you a proper fight before you can successfully reel them in.


The premier skydiving sport in Namibia is undoubtedly in Swakopmund. Both first-time and experienced jumpers are welcome to give it a go as you jump out of a plane at around 10,000 feet overlooking the Namibia Desert. If you are qualified, you need to dive with a local club, while newcomers will have two options at their disposal. This includes a solo jump with an automatic parachute or a tandem jump that only requires a short course. The single drop will need a full day of training before you will be able to jump out the plane.


It’s locally referred to as the ultimate speed machine as you take a metre-long, waxed hardboard which you will need to lay flat on, allowing you to easily reach speeds of up to 80km/h on the steep, coastal dunes of Namibia. You will necessarily be required to lie face down while bending the front end to avoid getting stuck. You will then be pushed off the cliff to start enjoying this fun and exciting experience.

Other Extreme Sports

Apart from the above2-mentioned sporting activities, you will also be pleased to know that Namibia comes with a wide variety of other adrenaline-pumping sports, such as cave diving, Fish River Canyon hikes, rock climbing, motorbiking, and paragliding to mention but a few.