Mass Effect Trilogy Being Remastered

One of the most prominently loved video games franchises is Mass Effect. Four games have been released in the Mass Effect universe, with the first three gaining notable popularity & the 4th being a critical failure for BioWare. It appears that BioWare is looking to repeat the success of Mass Effect One, Two, and Three. Rumours have suggested that BioWare is remastering the trilogy & that it’ll be named “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition”.

There hasn’t been official confirmations that BioWare is releasing a remastered version of Mass Effect. However, the financial failures associated to “Mass Effect: Andromeda” could prompt BioWare & Electronic Arts to rerelease older games. It’d provide them the financial necessities needed to create another Mass Effect & not risk the companies financial wellbeing. This has been a regularly employed tactic throughout the video game industry since the PlayStation4 & Xbox One was released.

Reports regarding BioWare releasing “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” comes from Xbox Expansion Podcast. Jeff Grubb, a reported from, stated that inside sources working for BioWare have informed him of the upcoming remaster. Jeff Grub also specified that rumours seen between September 12th to 15th were false, and that Mass Effect’s remaster wouldn’t release for the Nintendo Switch. That’s not surprising when considering the graphical capabilities of Nintendo’s latest console are low.

It should be noted that neither Electronic Arts nor BioWare have made official confirmations that Mass Effect is being remastered. Rumours suggest that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could release for October 2020, with Jeff Grubb mentioning it’ll be later than rumoured. Jeff mentioned that is going to have exclusive & official details regarding the remastered trilogy by September 25th.

Unknown Release Date

The likelihood that these rumours are reality is extensive. BioWare is releasing a confirmed “The Art of The Mass Effect Trilogy” book for February 2021. Under Jeff Grubs statements, it’s likely that the remaster will release on November 7th. That’s considered N7 day, an iconic symbol associated with Mass Effect. Details cannot be confirmed until later this week. It should be mentioned that Electronic Arts & BioWare are also rumoured to be releasing a remaster for Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age One, and Dragon Age Two.