Microsoft is Closing Down Mixer

The Microsoft Company announced that their terminating all Servers for Mixer, a Video Streaming Service meant to compete against Twitch. After years of product marketing & advertising towards the gaming community, soaring profit losses surrounding Mixer has prompted Microsoft to terminate their operations. The few consumers of this platform have been informed to switch their accounts over to “Facebook Gaming”, meaning Microsoft still won’t acknowledge the existence of Twitch. That’s the typical fashion to the Bill Gates-founded corporation, which cannot often admit their faults against competing services.

Mixer failed to acquire market dominance against Twitch, even after millions were spent on acquiring celebrity names in the Streaming Community. These streamers found themselves losing an average 78.12% of their audience when switching to Mixer, with those fans selecting new accounts to follow that shared similar demographics.

PR Representatives with the Microsoft Company became defensive when questioned on the failings of Mixer. It was remarked that their focus had moved entirely towards the development of new games for the Xbox Series X, with streaming unimportant when accounting for console developer & cloud server requirements. Those loyal to the Mixer community felt disrespected by Microsoft for their sentiments of anger. Judging the people that supported Mixer & calling streaming unimportant came as a significant blow to users. Some remarked through social media that Microsoft would’ve never defeated Twitch because of outdated features and policies.

Twitch Defeats Mixer

Microsoft acquired Beam Streaming in 2017, which was the former main competitor to Twitch. It’d be announced days later that Microsoft would rebrand Beam to Mixed, which wasn’t correctly advertised until 24 months after the acquisition period. By the time that Microsoft began extensive product marketing for Mixer, the Amazon Company had made Twitch into one of the largest brands in the gaming industry.

Twitch stands as the official eSports Streaming Partner & their popularity continues to increase during COVID-19. Inside sources with Mixer claim that a large percentage of remaining users’ shutdown their accounts during the pandemic, switching over to Twitch for improved quality. It’s not known if Microsoft will sell their intellectual property rights associated with Mixer to another corporation. No official details have been provided.