Modern Warfare Most-Played COD this Generation

After years of declining sales, the Call of Duty franchise has received a much-needed boost in profits. This comes after Infinity Ward released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). Activision announced that the shooter had surpassed more than $1 billion in sales globally, setting the record for most played Call of Duty for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. When this announcement was made, Activision confirmed that after fifty days of Modern Warfare’s initial launch, it had had more active daily players than any entry in the franchise this generation. Numerous factors have resulted in increased sales and play counts, with one of the most significant beings that more people own the latest generation than ever before.

This has come as a significant success for Activision, who have had increased percentages in their stock valuations and investor acquisitions. Players are experiencing longer sessions with Modern Warfare than they did with Black Ops 3 and World War II. However, the increase in household consoles isn’t the only factor increasing the player activity. An overall revamping in the gameplay mechanics, graphical capabilities, and available content has enabled this COD to be more satisfying than any other in the last decade.

The New Features

One of the biggest reasons why Modern Warfare has outsold previous entries in the series is the sales model alteration. Instead of maintaining a season’s pass for $70.00 yearly, the model has changed to provide free content every month. Activision is earning its funds with the battle pass, which costs $30.00 and provides players with countless apparel benefits for in-game sessions.

The introduction of Fortnite saw a significant change in the video game industry. It was proven that Battle Passes are more affective than Season Passes, with players more likely to spend $30.00 every three months than $70.00 with one payment. Free content makes the game feel more substantial in scale, with most players opting to purchase the battle pass, allowing them to differentiate themselves from other Modern Warfare consumers.

An additional benefit of Modern Warfare is the inclusion of cross-platform multiplayer. This enables players to battle against opponents on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Personal Computer. It’s allowed a far more varied experience with multiplayer, creating new levels of difficulties. Infinity Ward has confirmed that in-game events will be released after 2020, providing even more exciting gameplay for players.