Most Extreme Sporting Events Worldwide

The need to test the limits is in our blood and its for this very reason that there are numerous extreme sporting events around the world each year. To give you some insight into these sporting events, we decided to compile a list of events that take place every year in some exotic and unique destinations. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular extreme sporting events from around the world.

The Events

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race – The Iditarod Trail is considered the last great race on planet earth which began as a long and winding supply route. Back in 1925, 150 dogs and 20 mushers rushed from Anchorage to successfully deliver antiserum to Nome when diphtheria broke out. Every year since 1973, dogs and mushers from across the globe prepare to complete the 1,150-mile route that consists of rocky terrains, an impenetrable forest, and a snowy tundra. It’s also worth mentioning that the event takes place in March, which makes it the coldest time of the year in Alaska.

Hell’s Gate – Situated in the beautiful mountain range of Tuscany is one of the toughest endurance races called Hell’s Gate. The sporting event was first established back in 2006 by Fabio Fasola, who had the vision to separate the great Enduro racers from the bad ones. Hell’s Gate quickly became the most prestigious event to test your limits and continues to serve its primary purpose every year. During 2010, there were only 100 participants that managed to finish the course.

Ice Climbing World Cup – Even though rock climbing is considered a popular extreme sport, there’s no denying that ice climbing is a lot more dangerous. It’s also technical and painful when ice is added into the mix. Climbing up a wall of sheer ice with nothing but a pair of ice picks and spikes in your shoes is taking things to the extreme. Although not many will attempt to climb up a wall of ice, it’s worth your time to watch the Ice Climbing World Cup. Every year the best ice climbers in the world show their skills, abilities, guts, strength and agility to conquer a snowy white wall.

Crashed Ice World Championship – One of the most extraordinary winter sporting events each year is undoubtedly the Crashed Ice World Championship where you will see a bunch of experienced hockey players race down an urban ice track with their skates. This might sound easy at first, but once you realize that the ice track is filled with jumps, steep drops, and sharp turns that can easily cause nasty falls and severe injuries, you will think twice before you enter the event, regardless of how good you might be on skates. The event takes place in Quebec each year, and it’s worth attending.