Nvidia Assisting Workforce During COVID-19

Corporations worldwide have implemented temporary measures to protect their workforce, with others refusing to assist employees. The Nvidia Company have elected to help their workforce throughout the global pandemic, informing them that nobody will be terminated. These individuals will instead be awarded raises throughout this pandemic, which will stay in effect after this unprecedented situation is clear.

Employees were informed of Nvidia’s decision through their Chief Executive Officer, who released a mass email to their hundreds of employees. The Nvidia workforce was told that the annual review process had been terminated, ensuring that employees aren’t laid off throughout the pandemic. Reviews of each respective employee will immediately be approved, enabling everyone to receive a raise. Tens of millions in Nvidia’s employee reserve funds will be issued out throughout the next few months. This reserve fund is extensive, with Nvidia working in a variety of technology spaces, including Artificial Intelligence.

This email informed employees that the next few weeks would be challenging, requiring their workforce to remain indoors for the salvation of Nvidia. Employees were also told that all charitable donations made to Nvidia’s COVID-19 Fund would be matched to a maximum of $10,000.00. It should be mentioned that Nvidia has publicly thanked essential workers worldwide, who’ve allowed for society to remain active throughout this global pandemic.

Nvidia’s Products

The Nvidia Company manufacturers a magnitude of products for consumers, including Graphic Cards and Mobile Processors. They’re infamous for creating advanced graphic components, which excel gaming experiences tenfold. PC Gamers often clamour for the opportunity to purchase Nvidia’s latest graphics card, which usually sells anywhere between $1,000.00 to $4,000.00. Those that engage with this technology conglomerate are categorized in the premium group, putting Nvidia is the same space.

Multiple games are recommended with Nvidia’s graphics cards, which push the boundaries of what’s possible. That means consumers with gaming computers can purchase realistic games, max of their setting, and even create specialized mods to engage the graphical capabilities further. The perfect example would be Grand Theft Auto Five, which has seen continuous mods that enhance the graphical skills of Rockstar’s infamous game.