Paulo Costa Wants a Rematch with Israel Adesanya

The Ultimate Fighting Competition is infamous for fighters wanting rematches whenever they’ve lost their opponent again. That was also seen with Paulo Costa, who lost recently against Israel Adesanya. It was Costa’s first opportunity at obtaining UFC Gold. However, days after losing the Middleweight can’t admit to being weaker than the divisions champion. It’s unsurprising when considering that Paulo Costa got TKO’d during UFC 253 on September 26th. Costa losing in Abu Dhabi was worse than America, with Israel Adesanya’s growth throughout the Middle East becoming that much more prominent. Paulo could’ve become popular in Abu Dhabi had he been victorious.

Paulo Costa 48-hours released an Instagram video after losing to Israel Adesanya. Paulo claims himself relaxed & that he believes there’s more to accomplish in the Middleweight division. Costa iterated his desire to continue fighting at 185lbs and hopes that Israel Adesanya will want a rematch. However, UFC President Dana White must approve that bout before training for either fighter can begin. Considering that the UFC doesn’t have a Pay-Per-View event planned until October 24th, neither fighter could receive placement until UFC 255 on November 21st. Lots can change between now and then for both parties.

Awareness Defining Paulo Costa

It’s known that Paulo Costa is an explosive fighter that dominates over his opponent regularly. Seeing the formidable athlete lose towards Israel Adesanya was unexpected. However, the range & offensive capabilities are shown by Adesanya was overwhelming for Paulo Costa. The explosive fighter will have to rework his octagon strategies if a rematch is approved. It should be noted that Paulo Costa clarified his awareness towards how he lost against Israel Adesanya & knows what’s required to avoid a similar situation during a possible rematch.

Official statements from Paulo Costa indicated that he had done things wrong in the Octagon, and it provided Israel Adesanya with the opportunity to find footing. After his foundation was located, the Middleweight Champion could compose his range & stay within the Octagon’s inside circle. It’s this location where a fighter can dominate over his opponent without many physical repercussions. None the less, Paulo Costa has promised that if a rematch is permitted, he won’t lose the 2nd time.