Sebastian Vettel Sympathises for George Russell

The events that unfolded during the Tuscan Grand Prix will be memorable for millions of Formula One fans worldwide. The Mugello Circuit was gifted the one-time contract agreement to host F1, which came after initial Grand Prix’s slated for 2020 were cancelled amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Selecting Mugello Circuit created an influx of challenges for all drivers, resulting in multiple crashes & individual competitors missing out on their first points in Formula One.

George Russell from Williams Racing nearly acquires his first points in Formula One during the Tuscan Grand Prix, with the British youngsters’ performance over the last two seasons being notable but not enough to enter the top ten. After dodging multiple cars that crashed into the gravel & the walls, later on, George Russell had a notable battle with four-time champion Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Ferrari. However, the German champion denied Russell 10th place by sustaining his placement even when George Russell was less than +0.500-Seconds from overtaking Vettel.

The Williams Racing driver lost his short gap to Sebastian Vettel after Lance Stroll from Racing Point crashed on the 42nd Lap. This crash prompted the 2nd race restart for the Tuscan Grand Prix & saw Russell have a bad start. Sebastian Vettel gained a notable gap from George after his poor restart and enabled the German champion to acquire his best finish in the 2020 Formula One Campaign.

Sympathies for George

Ziggo Sports questioned Sebastian Vettel after the Tuscan Grand Prix, where he’d be asked his thoughts on George Russell nearly acquiring his first points. Sebastian expressed he felt sorry for the Williams Driver because he competed correctly & remarkably well during the 1st restart. Sebastian emphasized how it was evident that George Russell was more consistent in his Mercedes-powered Williams than Scuderia Ferrari could handle.

Sentiments from Sebastian Vettel ended with Ziggo Sport by mentioning how George Russell fought harder than any of the other remaining drivers. The Williams Driver nearly won “Driver of the Day” but lost that placement to Daniel Ricciardo. It should be mentioned that George Russel was notably upset for not being able to place in the points, but also appreciated the kind sentiments from Sebastian Vettel.