Sponsors Fighting Back for Sergio Perez

Corporations standing behind Sergio Perez have begun fighting against Sebastian Vettel, doing whatever’s required to dismantle the reputation of Vettel & make their Mexican driver seem like the best choice for Aston Martin Racing in 2021. The efforts Sergio Perez’s sponsors are likely unwarranted, with numerous inside sources with the Formula One Community indicating that Sebastian Vettel is slated to sign with Lawrence Stroll’s revised F1 team in two-weeks.

The likelihood of Sergio Perez being removed in-place of Vettel follows after Scuderia Ferrari terminated their contract unexpectedly on Sebastian. It’s prompted the German-born driver to locate new placement over the last two months, with doors to Mercedes & Red Bull having been officially closed. Vettel’s best opportunity to regain contention as F1 Champion is through Aston Martin Racing, which to date is known as Racing Point.

Lawrence Stroll is revising his Formula One team & entering a new stage of rebranding. It’s prompted the Canadian Billionaire to desire Sebastian Vettel, a driver that’s previously one four championships. Sebastian is the exclusive F1 Champion outside of Lewis Hamilton on the 2020 Grid. Lawrence acquiring Vettel would be a mutually beneficial decision that Sergio Perez & his supporters fear beyond belief.

Racing Point maintains long-term contracts with Lance Stroll (The F1 Driver & Son of Lawrence Stroll), and Sergio Perez. There isn’t an exit clause within Lance Stroll’s contract, with that condition exclusive towards Mexico’s Sergio Perez. Relevant & trustworthy inside sources with F1 claim that Lawrence Stroll is enacting the exit clause on Perez’s contract in Belgium on August 30th. He’ll be informed of his termination & removal from the Formula One grid, while Sebastian Vettel will sign with a new team.

Defences for Perez Unlikely

Sergio Perez has continuously acted defensively when questioned about his future with Racing Point. The Mexican Driver claims that Lawrence Stroll has guaranteed him safety. However, Lawrence Stroll is known for his ruthless business strategies & the inside sources evoking that Vettel is receiving a contract, are regularly correct about their assessment. It’s to a point where F1 Commentators discuss Vettel’s future with Aston Martin Racing in 2021 with each passing race. This somewhat guarantees that these rumours are accurate to the F1 Grid & the common excuses are being told by the team/driver to ensure media personnel don’t flock their garages.