Suicide Squad Game Teased by Warner Brothers

The Batman Video Game Saga from Rocksteady Studios is considered one of the greatest from the last & current generation. It spawned five entries that were all critically praised for maintaining adventurous gameplay. Fans have desired another entry into this franchise since Arkham Knight was released in 2015 for the PlayStation4. Five years later & Warner Brothers Gaming Division has begun hinting that new entries into their Batman universe could be arriving for the PlayStation5.

Inside sources with Rocksteady Studios & Warner Brothers Gaming Division have indicated that the 6th entry into Batman’s Saga will be released by August 2021. This would conclude Bruce Wayne’s storyline, with his closing adventure being named “Gotham Knights”. It suggests that Batman is training successors to protect Gotham City. This would make sense after inside sources emphasized that the 1st Suicide Squad Game from Rocksteady Studios will release by Fall 2022.

Rumoured Storyline

The Batman Video Game Saga has led towards “Bruce Wayne’s Rogue of Villains” for a prolonged period, introducing multiple enemies that’ve come & gone. It’s suspected that Harley Quinn & the Joker will lead Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Game, with members like Deadshot and Rick Flag being introduced into their DC Universe. These villains would combat against the Gotham Knights after Batman had died from old age.

It’s known that details regarding both games are being released by August 22nd, 2020. This is when the DC Fandom Digital Event will unfold worldwide. Multiple film & gaming announcements will be issued. Commonly, inside sources will leak certain information before the actual event unfolds. This gives them the self-deprecation of being first.

Warner Brothers Gaming Division has registered domains for “The Suicide Squad Game” and “Gotham Knights Game”, with those respectively being issued on June 16th to 19th. These domains don’t provide clarification on information from inside sources. However, Rocksteady and Warner Brothers have both teased that another entry into the Batman Saga is being developed. These teasers combined with inside sourced information; these titles are almost guaranteed. We’ll confirm additional details when they’re issued by Warner Brothers or Rocksteady Studios.