The Best Asus Gaming PC

The Asus Computing & Gaming Company announced on February 17th that they’d upgraded the ROG Huracan G21. This is considered to be their most compact gaming desktop, which has required update for a prolonged period. Consumers purchasing this model will be provided with updated hardware options, which include faster GPU and CPU processors. All the enhancement available for purchase could allow this desktop computer to become the most prominent and active gaming PC for 2020.

Multiple options are provided when it applies to the available Intel components. All internals available for purchase has been updated to the 9th generation, operating under the Coffee Lake Architecture. This follows weeks before Intern is releasing the Comet Lake processors, which was confirmed to be available for the ROG Huracan G21 when they’re released. This will improve the available cores and maximize them to ten, with twenty treads provided under the 14nm node. It creates a combination of computing capabilities that’ll operate next-generation games for 5+ years. Below are the available Intel models.

  • The Intel Core i9-9900k Processor with Eight Cores & Sixteen Treads, maxed at 5GHZ with 16 megabytes of L3 Cache.
  • The Intel Core i7-9700k Processor with Eight Cores & Eight Threads, maxed at 4.8GHZ with 12 megabytes of L3 Cache.
  • The Intel Core i5-9600 Processor with Six Cores & Six Threads, maxed at 4.1GHZ with 9 megabytes of L3 Cache.

The Graphics

When it applies to the graphical capabilities behind the ROG Huracan G21 – 2020 Edition, Asus has provided three gaming card options to consumers. Branded under the Nvidia GeForce RTX Series, the 2060 to 2080 models are available. These graphic cards are slated to perform for five to seven years, with updates regularly coming from the Nvidia Corporation. The Asus Company confirmed that games until 2025 could be maxed out to ultra with the highest-rated version of their 2020 model. Purchasing the top-tier model of the ROG Huracan G21 will cost a substantial level of money but will provide consumers with a portable desktop that’s more powerful than the PlayStation 5.

Supporting these graphic cards will be thirty-two gigabytes of DDR4-2666 Memory, which can be upgraded to the DDR5 infrastructure with personalized components. Two WiFi adapters are listed with this desktop, allowing for stronger multiplayer connections. All accessories for this desktop are supported with USB 3.1 Generation Two Type-C ports, allowing for all controllers and peripherals to be supported. Individuals wanting to purchase the top-tier version of this desktop need $3,000.00.