The Best Scuba Diving Destinations for the Sport You Love

Ask a hundred scuba diving enthusiasts why they love the sport, and you’ll receive a hundred different answers, if not more. For some, it’s the peace of the ocean combined with the beauty of reefs, while others enjoy the opportunity to encounter beautiful and weird creatures under the sea. Some even enjoy the thrill and excitement of rediscovering shipwrecks that were lost at war many years ago.

It’s for this reason that we wanted to offer you a list of the best locations around the world where you can enjoy the best scuba diving destinations to make your underwater experience even more memorable. Whether you consider yourself a scuba diving veteran or a newcomer to the sport, make sure you visit at least one of these places before its too late.

Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia

If you are interested to see a phenomenal shipwreck, there’s no better place than Chuuk Lagoon that is situated in Micronesia. It’s home to the biggest ghost fleet you’ll find in the world, featuring Imperial Japanese Navy vessels, such as cargo ships, submarines, destroyers, and even aircraft carriers. Divers can look forward to over 60 different wrecks at the bottom of the lagoon, providing an unmatched scuba diving experience if shipwrecks are your thing.

Red Sea, Egypt

The diving sites along the Red Sea in Egypt is famous for its pristine reefs, supporting over 220 species of both soft and hard coral. Most areas have protected statuses, and the marine life flourishes due to being protected. You’ll be pleased to know that the Red Sea offers over 1,100 fish species where 20% are endemic to the location. The Ras Mohammed National Park provides the most famous reefs, while the Daedalus Reef and Giftun Island are other areas worth exploring.

Lembeh Island, Indonesia

This is regarded as the world’s muck diving capital. It’s mostly a scuba diving destination that appears to be lifeless and barren at first glance. However, if you inspect it further, you’ll realize that is everything but dull. You can look forward to many critters that are filled with colours you’ve never seen on marine life before. You’ll find eight different species of frogfish along with 12 different species of octopus. There’s also seahorses, flamboyant cuttlefish, and blue-ringed octopus worth seeing.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

If you are interested in big thrills with massive sharks, there’s no better place than the warm coastline of South Africa. During the summer months, divers can look forward to seeing bull sharks and tiger sharks, while the winter months will attract dusky sharks. You can also find sand tiger sharks during the colder months. If you want to see hammerheads, make your way to the Protea Banks where you might also be introduced to tiger sharks and bull sharks. If you’re going to see even more sharks in a cage, make your way down to the Western Cape, including Simon’s Town, Mossel Bay, and Gansbaai.