The Future of Extreme Sports in China

The interest that China has when it comes to extreme sports was visible during 2004 when the country decides to create the National Association of Extreme Sports. It was even more evident with the arrival of the first extreme sports competition in 2007 in Shanghai, known as the Kia X Games Asia. The Chinese government has been apart of this new sporting event since the very beginning and supervises each game as the sport continues to grow in popularity. Extreme sports enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that China never does anything halfway and already impresses with the most significant skateboard ramp in the world that was initially established back in 2005.

Since then, the world of extreme sports has managed to evolve across the country of China. For instance, the inception of the International Extreme Sports Festival took place in Chengdu back in 2015 along with the FB Festival in Inner Mongolia. You can also find a phenomenal surfing tournament in Qiantang River each year along with an air motocross competition in Shanghai Bund. You can even participate in a kayak race every single year in Nujiang Canyon if you are interested.

The Popularity of Extreme Sports in China

The popularity behind extreme sports in China is because the country offers perfect terrains for all kinds of extreme sports activities. For instance, the mountains in Tibet are ideal for hiking, while the island of Hainan provides the perfect climate for surfing competitions. You will also notice that the cliffs of Yangshuo are perfectly formed for rock climbing enthusiasts, the Hebei Province is suitable for skiing tournaments, and the Qiandao Lake provides one of the best places on earth if you are interested in scuba diving.
There are hundreds of perfectly suited terrains across China that are ideal for extreme sports activities. It’s for this very reason why the sport is growing in popularity with each passing year. It wouldn’t be surprising to see more tournament, contests, and competitions form in China that is based on extreme sports.

Sports Tourism Has Never Been Better

The most important sector that has experienced significant success in the country is undoubtedly tourism. Once adventure seekers discovered that China is a haven for extreme sports, thousands of sports enthusiasts flooded to the country to get a piece of the action. There has also been a massive increase in participants travelling to China due to all the new tournaments and competitions when it comes to extreme sports. China has the biggest indoor ski resort in the world and continues to amaze everyone by building bigger and better arenas to facilitate their addiction to extreme sports.

The reason it’s so successful in the country is that China relies on foreign suppliers to assist with the expansion of the sport, including Puma, Adidas, and Nike, to mention but a few. The popularity of extreme sports in the country has also seen a rise in supplement drinks, proteins, cereal, and energy drinks.