Vettel Spins at Eifel-German Grand Prix

The Eifel Grand Prix at Nürburgring Circuit proved an eventful race, with Lewis Hamilton acquiring his 91st podium victory & matching Michael Schumacher’s record. It also saw Daniel Ricciardo get his first podium finish with Renault, a prominent moment in their partnership that’s long been overdue. Max Verstappen also maintained an exciting Eifel-German Grand Prix by obtaining 2nd place & earning fastest lap.

For those drivers that saw notable moments during the Eifel Grand Prix, others experienced failures. Lando Norris battled extensively throughout the grid into P3 when his MCL35 had power-failure, prompting his inevitable DNF fifteen laps before the race ended. The Eifel GP saw George Russel from Williams get thrown into the air by Kimi Raikkonen, who caused Russels DNF.

Then there was Sebastian Vettel, the fan-favourite to win the German Grand Prix. Frustrations that Vettel is experiencing at Scuderia Ferrari came to light again on October 11th. Sebastian worked towards climbing the grid & overtaking multiple competitors when he arrived at Antonio Giovinazzi from Alfa Romeo. Sebastian Vettel would try to overtake Giovinazzi, where the backend of his SF1000 would spin-out on the 11th lap. It prompted Sebastian to lose what heat was in his Pirelli Tyres, and struggle to regain a prominent position during the Eifel Grand Prix.

Recognition of Failure

Scuderia Ferrari changed strategies for Sebastian Vettel after the four-time champion spun. Vettel would reflect on the incident after the Eifel Grand Prix and admitted that he was challenging to aggressively when catching negative-downforce winds from the Alfa Romeo of Antonio Giovinazzi. This forced all grip for Vettel’s SF1000 to be lost and prompted the immediate spin.

Sebastian Vettel continued by recognizing his manoeuvres created extensive risk for Antonio Giovinazzi & himself. Looking back on the events, Vettel wishes he had acted more professionally. Transgressions between himself & Scuderia Ferrari are growing per race. Vettel needs the 2020 Formula One Campaign to end so that the switch from Ferrari to Aston Martin in 2021 can begin. Sebastian Vettel would finish the Eifel Grand Prix in 11th place, one of his best positions obtained in 2020.