Video Game Streamer Donates to Covid-19 Relief

Multiple celebrities have begun donating towards relief efforts associated with Covid-19. Two notable stars that have implemented donations include Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Reynolds. It prompted another famous individual to make a substantial charitable donation, with this person being Ninja. He’s an infamous streamer that players video games through platforms like Switch or Mixer. Both Ninja and his wife, Jessica Blevins, announced their donating $150 thousand to Feeding America.

This announcement was made throughout various social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. The Mixer-Employed Streamer announced the donation, while also encouraging his fanbase to donate their spare funds to relief efforts. Considering that most will be saving their money until the Covid-19 Pandemic is over throughout North America, it’s unlikely that the Ninja fanbase will donate large portions of cash. Ninja also requested that loyalists and supporters practice social distancing to ensure public safety.

The streamer selected the best possible charity for his funds, with Feeding America currently assisting large quantities of people without food during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It prompted this charity to create a response fund, which supports 22+ million children across the country. Even though a large portion of these students won’t be in school, they’ll still require healthy meals to continue their daily lives. Additional supplies for essentials related to children will also be provided. This includes cleaning products, personal care products and diapers.
When it applies to the donations made by Ryan Reynolds, the Canadian-born actor selected “Food Banks Canada” for a $1 million gift. Jimmy Fallon decided the “No Kids Hungry Charity” for his $1 million donation. Additional celebrities that donated include Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Blake Lively.

Covid-19 Affects on the Video Game Industry

Ninja has seen first hand the immediate effects on the video game industry. Multiple developers that support his fanbase has shut down their operations until Summer 2020. That extends to new games the Mixer-streamer was slated to experience being postponed. It follows after production volumes across China and Asia dropped drastically amidst Covid-19. Current games in rotation have seen an immediate decline in available downloadable content, with large portions of employed developers working from self-isolation conditions. All these factors could see adverse effects for gamers throughout the next twelve months.