Xbox Game Pass Receives Rebrand

The Microsoft Company have found themselves in an unexpected & unfavourable position with its gaming brand, Xbox. Their primary competitors have gained market popularity for the next generation of consoles, with Sony’s PlayStation5 anticipated to outsell Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. It’s prompted the Microsoft Company to evoke a multitude of changes regarding the branding of Xbox, specifically towards their Game Pass.

Rebranding efforts for Microsoft’s “Xbox Game Pass” have been announced, with the subscription service now being sold separately from Xbox Live Subscriptions. This comes after Microsoft announced earlier in July that they’ve terminated the sale of “12-Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription” and all subsequent monthly packages. Their announcement prompted the immediate speculation that Xbox Live would be repackaged & become a free service, out contending Sony’s PlayStation5.

Profile Pictures across all social media accost for “Xbox Game Pass” have been changed. Microsoft is now calling this service “Game Pass”. Confusion has sprouted for some Xbox gamers, with the Twitter & Instagram handle for these accounts still reading “Xbox Game Pass”. The official announcement was made hours later through these respective accounts, allowing a day-long of speculation to end. Video game analysts anticipate that this rebranding is so that “Game Pass” can focus on other platforms, like mobile devices & the personal computer.

Competing Against Sony

Most analysts have determined that Microsoft made this decision in hopes of better contesting Sony’s PlayStation5 this 2020 Holiday Season. However, the Xbox Gaming Division has worked diligently in growing the “Game Pass” for years. It was Microsoft 1st began offering gamers subscript-based digital titles, with Sony having to follow strategically. Implementing this rebranding could allow Microsoft to revolutionize how subscription-based games are offered.

It’s known that the Microsoft Company will now offer “Game Pass Ultimate” for $14.99, allowing hundreds of First Party & Third-Party titles to be accessed via the streaming format. This means anybody with PC or Mobile Device can now access Xbox’s library of games. It’s suspected that the full details of Game Pass rebranding won’t be unveiled until September 1st to 7th, 2020. It’s almost guaranteed that an onslaught of new titles will be confirmed for the rebranding launch.