BASE jumping has never been a sport for the faint-hearted. Imagine climbing up the tallest building in your town, then voluntarily jumping off, with a free fall down, hoping that the glider suit, and parachute, will work correctly. It takes more than just guts; insanity perhaps.

BASE jumping is a dangerous sport that may result in a fatality. The most common deaths are as a result of not maintaining the equipment, or not finding an unobstructed area for the jumper, during a leap off, or landing. Sometimes, the wind tends to be actively pushing them onto the object they have leapt from, hence causing a collision. Remember, BASE jumping surfaces are not explicitly made for this sport; the jumpers are just improvising, and similarly, some landing points are barely large enough for a safe landing. This may result in serious injuries, or even fatality, as the jumper is not able to steer him or herself to land.

As no two jumps are similar, it is sometimes impossible to anticipate what will happen, once you are beginning to plunge down like a meteorite towards the ground. This means that to stay alive, and out of danger, you have to be able to react to surprises without a fright.

A level head is required to make a quick adjustment, in case your trajectory is wrong, or your landing is blocked. This is a lightning speed reflex that very few possess, and those who have it, are always safe. Nevertheless, no amount of glide hours will ever guarantee you total safety. Mishaps do happen, even to the most experienced BASE jumpers. Every time this extreme sports enthusiast leaps off a surface, they put their lives in danger. The only thing that keeps them surviving is the ability to deal with the mishaps. Ensure that you are well prepared, both mentally, and physically, for this sport, before trying it out.