We enjoy skating, and we love travelling. When you combine these two aspects, you’ll get some amazing experiences along with fantastic memories. With so many skateparks to choose from across the globe, we decided to list the best of the best. This will allow you to easily plan your next trip and experience the best skateparks from around the world.

The Black Pearl, Cayman Islands

If you consider yourself a skateboarding fanatic, you will absolutely love the Black Pearl which is situated in the Cayman Islands. It’s officially the biggest outdoor skatepark in the world, featuring courses for expert skaters, intermediate skaters, and even beginner skaters.

Kona Skate Park, Florida, United States

The Kona Skate Park has been around since the early 1970s and is considered the oldest skatepark in the entire United States. The skatepark features everything your heart desired, from ramps to bowls and everything in between.

Le Bowl Skate Park, France

The Le Bowl skatepark is considered the biggest skatepark in France. If you are someone that is planning to travel through Europe, this is a must-stop destination as it features vibrant graffiti artwork. It also offers several vert ramps and extremely deep bowls to get your heart pumping. Le Bowl is one place that undoubtedly attracts a wide variety of skaters from across the globe.

SM Skate Park, China

Situated in Shanghai, the SMP Skate Park is approximately 44,900 square feet in size and features some of the biggest ramps and bowls you will ever see as a skateboarder. It also comes equipped with a massive fall pipe which makes it even more appealing to skaters around the world.

Louisville Extreme Park, USA

Located in Kentucky, this Extreme Park is one of the best skating locations in the world. It features the famous 24-foot full pipe made from concrete and has been around since early 2002. It’s considered one of the most popular stating destinations in the United States, allowing skateboarding enthusiasts from all ages to enjoy a day at the park.

Hyeres Skatepark, France

Situated in Hyeres, France, this incredible outdoor skatepark features quarter pipes, flat-bars, handrails, ledges, pyramids, and much more. You will also have access to some of the most amazing beaches if you are interested in swapping your skateboard for some waves on a surfboard.

Amazing Square Skatepark, Japan

Amazing Square, also referred to as Murasaki Sports Park, is an indoor skatepark that is situated in Tokyo, Japan. It comes equipped with an impressive selection of transition obstacles and street obstacles along with wood flooring as an added benefit. It also features a fun box along with an obscene vert ramp that is four metres in height.

The Level, United Kingdom

Situated in Brighton, UK, this incredible skatepark has been around for several years but has recently received a much-needed refurbishment by Freestyle that managed to build a 1,400m sq. concrete skatepark to replace the old wooden ramps. It initially opened in 2013 and is considered the center of skating action in Brighton.