Increased media coverage and electrifying YouTube videos have escalated the popularity of BASE jumping. It has turned into a unique extreme sport from a fringe activity in a very short period of time. But precisely what does this thrilling sport involve?

For a starter, BASE is an acronym. The letters stand for the types of objects that are used to leap from when jumping. These surfaces include:

  • B-buildings
  • A-antennas
  • S-spans, this refers to bridges
  • E-earth

To enjoy the sport, you need to put on a special suit called a wingsuit. This is designed to allow the jumpers to float in the air for a longer time. This is because it slows the descent speed, enabling them to make precise manoeuvres while airborne.

All the jumpers do, is to leap off a surface, and the suit fills with air rapidly, allowing him or her to glide for a long time, until that critical moment when a parachute is necessary. Opening the parachute enables the jumper to descend safely to the ground.

Fatality is common, with it being an extreme sport. Over the years there have been many devastating accidents. Due to this, beginners are strictly advised to train with certified instructors, and at least practice a lot, before attempting the sport on their own. While it may look easy, and fun, to make manoeuvres while airborne, you should understand it took time for professional jumpers to master such skills.

Currently, many skydivers have crossed the floor and joined the BASE jumpers. Every one of them wants to have a share of this adrenaline packed extreme sport. The skydivers have an easy task regarding training to become BASE jumpers. They know how it feels to be airborne. They also know the risks involved, and thus, are well prepared for the challenge ahead.