Many people find it hard to imagine a competitive sport which involves a bicycle. How can a piece of equipment, that kids as young as three years old ride, be in an extreme sports category? Well, BMX racing involves such crazy stunts, that terming it extreme, is sometimes an understatement.

Here are some compelling reasons why BMX sport is considered extreme, yet fun.

It’s Fast, Tough and Dangerous

BMX sport is tougher than it seems. Riders do ride at high speeds, with no suspension on the bikes, making their bodies the actual shock absorbers. So, body movement is crucial to avoid breaking your spine. It’s not just all about throwing your bike in the air and pedalling. You must have the skills to gain and maintain the required speed.

Your Safety Is at the Mercy of Your Opponents

Most BMX racers get involved in head to head sport. It’s all about whoever finishes first, wins the race. So, the competition is fierce, and you have to keep your balance. Falling off your bike is synonymous to injury. Everything just happens too fast, and dirt in the air interferes with visibility, as the dirt on the surface compromises balance. A good thing is, the better you are with BMX, the slimmer the chances of injuries in the sport.

Bmx Sport Involves Some Kind of Insanity

Every racer has some degree of insanity, that’s for sure. They love the stunts; racing down a hill gives them a feeling out of this world. You know the danger, yet you have to be involved and be at the centre of it. Many will get injured, break some bones, and still want to get back; what is that if not craziness? However, the thrills, and the fun, involved in racing, just pulls them back to the sport.