There are tons of skateboarding brands in the world, each cooler than the next. Each of these brands has contributed a significant amount of publicity to the world of skateboarding, and without them, we are not sure if skateboarding would be where it is today. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular skateboarding brands in the world and the impact they’ve had on the sport over the years.


Vans is considered the original skateboarding show since its inception in 1966. The company’s waffle grip will always be a part of skateboarding and is undoubtedly the best skate shoes you will find on the market. The company has also made several upgrades to their shoes in recent years with more robust suede or canvas, more superior insoles, and various materials and patterns that have been explicitly designed with skateboarding in mind.


Baker has been part of the skateboarding world for a very long time and made a name for themselves since Baker has a Deathwish, Baker 3, Baker 2G, and Baker Bootleg. They also release tons of videos on the Ride Channel, including Dee’s part. Deathwish and Baker also boast with an exceptional team of skaters, including Dustin Dollin, Erik Ellington, Kevin Spanky Long, and Andrew Reynolds. They also placed Riley Hawk on their team recently.

Santa Cruz

This is another excellent company when it comes to the world of skateboarding. They have designed a wide variety of apparel as well as tons of uniquely designed boards in a vast selection of sizes and shapes. The company’s board graphics are one of a kind and is a brand that appeals to most skaters around the world. Even those that have never skated before will buy the brand due to the way they advertise their products.


Thrasher is essentially a skateboarding magazine. The company has been publishing magazines for a very long time and hold things down with loads of other media outlets, such as King of the Road and Skateline NBD. They offer some of the best apparel in the world and are considered the best selling brand when it comes to skateboarding gear. The company also uploads a wide range of skateboarding videos on YouTube that is definitely worth watching.


The trucks made by Independent are regarded as the best in the world and will probably stay that way for a very long time. They offer some of the most innovative trucks because they remove loads of weight by hollowing out their kingpins and axles. Some of the trucks provided by Independent even come with titanium axles that are considered the strongest and lightest in the world.


Spitfire has been in the skateboarding business since the late 80s and is considered one of the most popular brands in the world. With its iconic logo, both non-skaters and skaters will find a wide variety of products from the company, including skateboard, shirts, wallets, wheels, graphics, and more.