You have heard talk and rumours about bungee jumping, and how thrilling it is, and being a seeker of thrills and fun, you think, why not? Like, what could possibly go wrong?

But, on arriving at the nearest bungee site, you witness a wildly screaming woman plunging down fast, with a cord attached to her legs. A small voice in your head asks, is it really safe?

In this entertaining article, we are going to outline a few dos and don’ts when bungee jumping.

  • Jump with a respectable company

Bungee jumping is an extreme sport, and that is why it is a dangerous business. Don’t just wake up, and decide to enjoy the thrill with the first company that comes into your head; research a little, and find out more about the company. Look at how much they have invested in safety, and how seriously do they take it? A company’s track record is essential; how often do they replace their equipment, is also a question you should seek answers to.

  • Don’t dress up like you are going to a fashion show

We all want to look awesome in front of other people, and also in your bungee jumping photos, but please, put on something comfortable. For ladies, avoid loose clothes like dresses and skirts, put on a pair of trousers. Don’t have boots on either; this can interfere with the ankle harness, and leave your contact lenses behind.

  • Never show up alone

Unless you are daredevil guys, bring a friend or two to the site. Adventures are sweet when you share them with people you love and like. Again, in case of an emergency, there is someone around who knows you. Some people are so afraid to the extent that they just black out, and people around are not sure who to contact or what to do.