Are you interested in conquering your fear of heights or wish to test your mettle? Perhaps jumping off from some of the tallest towers and bridges in the world is the perfect solution. With that in mind, we compiled a list of the world most impressive and highest bungee jumping sites across the globe to help you find the perfect way to overcome your fears or test your bravery.

Macau Tower, Macau, China – 233 Meters

When you hear Macau, you instantly think of casinos and gambling. However, Macau offers more than simply losing your inheritance with a few spins on a slot machine. It’s here where Alan John Hackett, a New Zealand entrepreneur, decided to make a 233-meter jump to earn him a spot in the Guinness World Records in 2007 for the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. If you wish to test your bravery, we highly recommend that you visit the Macau Tower to see if you have what it takes.

Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland – 220 Meters

The Verzasca Dam, at a staggering 220 meters, is the only bungee jump destination in the world where you can test your bravery at night. The location is well-lit thanks to several floodlights and occasionally the moon if you are lucky. The Verzasca Dam is also renowned for a brief Goldeneye feature from James Bond. If you are afraid of the dark or heights, this is not a place to consider a bungee jump.

Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa – 216 Meters

The Bloukrans Bridge, which is located in the heart of sunny South Africa, is the highest natural commercial bungee jump destination across the globe. If you are prepared to jump from this location, you’ll receive a double dose of adrenaline as you’ll first be pumped up with music and you’ll be surrounded by wilderness and the beach on the South African coastline.

Rio Grande Bridge, Taos, New Mexico – 206 Meters

You’ll undoubtably have an unforgettable experience when you decide to jump off this incredible bridge into the spectacular river gorge in the Rio Grande. The combination of thrills and views will make for an incredible experience for those that have the guts to test their fears.

Europabrücke Bridge, Innsbruck, Austria – 192 Meters

Neatly situated on an interlink bridge between Italy and Austria, bungee enthusiasts will get to enjoy a memorable swing from Europabrücke while being able to take incredible pictures of the Alps while in an upside down position. If you are able to hold onto your lunch, you can also participate in other jumps in the area, such as jumping from hot air balloons.

Niouc Bridge, Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland – 190 Meters

When you mention Switzerland to someone, they will immediately think of Toblerone and Swiss watches. However, Switzerland is also home to the highest bungee jump destination in Europe with a suspended bridge. Jumpers will be required to swing and jump in all directions simultaneously.