Autumn is without a doubt the best time to bodyboard or surf in the United Kingdom. The prime time to hit the waves is from 1 September to 30 November each year due to the mild water and air temperatures. They combine with less crowded beaches and regular swells that provide the best bodyboarding conditions of the year. Let’s take a look at the top bodyboarding destinations in the United Kingdom.

Watergate Bay, Cornwall

This incredible destination boasts with 2 miles of beach during low tide. Therefore, if it becomes quite crowded in Newquay, this is the most ideal spot to consider. However, it will get quite busy during high tide. You can learn how to bodyboard or surf thanks to the Xtreme Academy that is situated on the beach front. This is joined by several other extreme sports and multiple beach cafes that will allow you to relax after a few hours in the water.

Saltburn, Cleveland in north-east England

Saltburn is considered the original destination when it comes to the bodyboarding scene in the north-east. The locals are extremely friendly, and even though the waves get quite busy, it is an ideal spot for beginners. The guys at the Saltburn surf shop are fully equipped with new boards and great advice and even offer lessons if it’s your first time. You will also find a fantastic variety of smoothies and coffee at Camfield’s Coffee Bar, or you can opt in for a pub meal and a beer at The Ship, both of which are located next to the beach.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Sennen Cove is regarded as the best bodyboarding destination due to its consistent breaks and holds a decent size of waves even when other destinations are flat. Most professional bodyboarders and surfers can be found at this destination thanks to the east winds and sandbanks that provide fantastic bodyboarding conditions. There’s also plenty of incredible facilities surrounding the area, including hotels, pubs, changing rooms, surf schools, and a beach café.

Bournemouth, England

Although bodyboarding in Bournemouth isn’t very big, those that do attempt it are quite clever as they managed to secure an artificial reef break within a place that almost never gets any decent waves. The artificial reef break took two years to construct and has yet to prove its worth. However, if you ever on holiday, make sure to check it out as it promises quite a decent range of waves once its up and running. There’s also plenty of hotels and cafes in the area for added convenience.

Thurso East, Scotland

This is without a doubt the best place to bodyboard in Europe. It provides a right-hand reef break that goes over a kelp-covered, flat rock shelf, providing the best north-west swell. This bodyboarding destination attracts quite a few people when the waves are good, so please be friendly to the locals and wait your turn. You will also be pleased to know that there are loads of beach cafes and hotels in the area as well.