Extreme Sports Companies on the Stock Market

While extreme sports are super-exciting, for most people the stock market is not and therefore investing borders on being boring. Yet, it all about to change as extreme sports adored by the selfie-loving and adrenaline-seeking societies is what is opening doors to investors looking for diversity, which is not something they normally get with the S&P500 or the TSX/Composite.

So, if you are surprised to learn that there indeed does exist an Adventure sports index on the stock market, you won’t be the only one. The adventure sports index is called the TWBASI or the Transworld Business Adventure Sports Index and you can invest in the companies and earn a great return from extreme sports consumers who simply can’t function without an adrenaline thrill.

Before you give this type of investing a go you might want to talk to a financial advisor who can create a plan based on the desired risk tolerance you desire. Although, there is no harm in at least looking at these companies or to look at how they performed since 2016. At the moment the booming niche is extreme sports and so is the TWBASI return at 268% for Billabong in 2015. It is most certainly a good market for investors.

Skull-candy & Go-pro

Both Skull-Candy and Go-pro are two of the most preferred brands and in 2011 the stocks for Skull-candy dropped from $20 to just under $4 in March 2016, while Go-pro was at $85 near the end of 2014 and is now down to $12.60. Which means that it is a market that you need to study in order to make wise decisions.

Vail Resorts Stock Trading

Operating as ski resorts, Vail Resorts can be found throughout Australia and the United States. In 2008 it was trading below $25, which was its lowest point and since it has recovered and is trading at $127.28. The stock value increased by 36% in 2015 and is mostly one to pay attention to as it constantly lands on the annual list of Forbes’s best ski resorts.


Nike is one of many that need no introduction at all, and this company is on the blue-chip stock list. What can’t be denied is that the company continues to make big money and enjoyed a 34% increase in the stock market during the past year.

Extreme Sports Stocks Worth Investigating

We selected three extreme sports stocks you could look at and these include Deckers Inc, and most certainly Skull-Candy especially while its stock is trading at $3.95, while the third choice is Luxottica, currently down by 16%, which makes it a good choice as any extreme sports enthusiast knows it will increase in value and when it does it will be substantially, since the company makes eye-wear for the fashionistas of extreme sports as well as the average Joes and the millions in-between the two. Luxottica licensed and makes some of the most renowned brands including Armani, Chanel, Ray-Ban and Oakley.