Remake Confirmed for Resident Evil Four

Resident Evil Four, a popular video game series has been given the go ahead to remake the latest released version after the game’s creators, Capcom reimaged Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, both of which were well received by fans of the series.

The Resident Evil series, which to date has collectively sold more than 95 million copies worldwide, was already begun the process of reimagining Resident Evil Four. It is expected that the project will be completed and released to the public in 2022. However, this could be put back due to the COVID-19 virus.

The development of the Resident Evil Four reimagining is being managed by M-Two, a company located in Osaka, Japan. M-Two is a new studio created by Tatsuya Minami, who was the head of Platinum Games. The preparation of this project began in 2018 and while similar to the direction given to the Resident Evil 3reimagining project that Red Works directed, the internal teams of Capcom and other studios working on the project externally most likely will provide significant resources to the development of the project.

Shinji Mikami Gives Blessing

It is known that Shinji Mikami, the games original direct,  has given blessing on the remake but when offered to take the projects lead role, declined but will remain available for advice on the remakes direction.

The studio responsible for the remaking of Resident Evil Four has been operational since 2018 and employees many who previously worked for Platinum Games as well as Capcom and is therefore well poised to produce results at a faster pace than originally planned.

M-Two is positioned to be effective as it contributed to2019’s Resident Evil 3 development, but that was in a precursor role to its main focus, which is the redevelopment of Resident Evil Four. The importance of this project is not lost of M-Two, or for that matter Capcon as to date, it is their highest-earning game release with Resident Evil Four selling over 7.5 million copies across the various different platforms.

It was seen as one of the most influential games during the 2000s as a result of its viewpoint. That viewpoint has since been copied by a large number of many third-person shooter games. The overhaul of the series increases the survival sides to the game, while also making the game faster tense and hard to find ammunition less relevant.