Just thinking about moving over the waves is more than enough to inspire any bodyboarding fan to search for the perfect beach spots. That being a spot that offers a combination of wind directions. According to the most experienced bodyboarders, the best beaches in the world can be found in Bali, Ireland, Queensland, Norway, England and Mozambique.

Bali’s Canggu Beach

More than a decade ago the Canggu was more of a black beach with food shacks, rice paddles and the unique for intermediate surfers wishing to improve their surfing skills. The waves at Canggu never changed much; what did change is that the beach is now a hotspot for bodyboarders. The Chillhouse is part of the vibrant restaurant scene and provides surf lessons as well as board hire.

Ireland’s Rileys Beach

The most beautiful greens surround the Rileys beach, and it is one of the most favoured by bodyboarders. The waves are unique and perfect for lefthander due to the low-pressure systems and light winds, ensuring quality surf. During autumn it is the main bodyboarding beach since it offers a variety of waves that includes from world class reef breaks to sandy wedges.

Queensland’s Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is famous for a variety of reasons, which includes sun-drenched beaches and more than 70 kilometres of significant point breaks. It is the ultimate spot in the world for surfing, while the incredible bodyboarding spots include Snapper Rocks, Duranbah and Rainbow Bay. These are more suited to advanced surfers and could be a bit challenging for beginners.

England’s Fistral

Fistral is the most famous and prestigious destination for surfing in England and most known as the British surfing hotspot. It features Cornwall’s wave famed by hardcore surfers, a perfect blend of adrenalin surging, and calm waves and it is also an international centre for surfing. If you won’t settle for anything but the best boarding spot in the world, then Fistral is where you need to be.

Norway’s Hoddevik

The newest knowledge as well as advancements in bodyboarding, the Norway cold waters are also amongst the most enjoyable. The beaches in Norway have zero crowds and are rugged, while the cliffs are a shield for the wind. The swell is consistent, and the camps offer 7-night accommodation as well as wetsuit hire, other equipment hire and even lessons.

New South Wales Shark Island

When it comes to extreme bodyboarding waves, the spot well worth challenging is Shark Island. The direction of the swell is east while the course of the wind is west and southwest. Compared to any other spot in the world, this is the place where surfing can take place all the time with consistency.

Mozambique’s Tofo Beach

Tofo Beach in Mozambique is unlike any other spot in the world, it is unexplored and the most ideal for surfing. Reefs shield the clean waves, and this fantastic beach is excellent for anyone starting the sport or wishing to improve on their skills. There are also challenging reef breaks for the more advanced surfer!