Sports are a fantastic source of entertainment and fun for everyone involved from the fans to the players. However, every now and then, a shadow is cast over certain sports due to injuries and sometimes, even death. It’s no surprise that certain sporting events incorporate an element of danger, especially when physical contact is involved. However, which sport is considered the most dangerous? Let’s take a look at the top extreme sports that are believed to be the most dangerous in the world.

Base Jumping

If you were under the impression that skydiving in a dangerous sport, think again. For most, skydiving isn’t challenging enough, and therefore they opt in to jump off towers and cliffs to get a boost in adrenaline. Jumping from buildings or cliffs might sound safer than 15,000 feet in the air, but it’s actually a lot more dangerous as you have a limited time frame to successfully deploy your parachute. There’s absolutely no room for error, yet it continues to grow in popularity with each passing year.

Horse Riding

Have you ever wanted to own a horse so you could ride every single day? Most people do, but they are unaware that horse riding is considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Death and fatal injuries are caused every year through horse riding. The most common include getting trampled near the horse while on the ground. The hooves are extremely potent that can easily land you in a hospital. You can also be thrown off the horse which can cause several broken bones in the process.

Scuba Diving

This extremely popular underwater sport continues to grow in popularity around the world. Staying underwater to appreciate the beauty of marine life is extremely appealing, allowing divers to explore a cave or wreck that few have seen in their lifetime. However, with scuba diving, the danger lies primarily in the pressure changes. The changes in pressure could easily rupture a long, damage your sinuses, or burst an ear-drum. Extended exposure to pressure gases can also build-up helium and nitrogen in your bloodstream, leading to damaged tissues, shutting down of blood supply, and blocking of small blood vessels.

Running of the Bulls

The San Fermin festival occurs every year in Pamplona, Spain on 6 July. It was initially a way to transport bulls from their breeding ground to the bullring to get slaughtered. However, youngsters started jumping over the fence to show off how brave they were and eventually developed into a popular festival complete with markets, dancing, and music. The danger of running next to bulls is intense, to say the least. Each year, more than 100 people are injured.

Bull Riding

This extremely popular rodeo sport requires participants to stay mounted on the bull for as long as humanly possible while the bull attempts to throw the rider off. Just thinking of riding a 1,000kg bull is enough to send jitters down our spines.