Becoming a professional BMX rider can be achieved through several avenues if you are interested in making some money or getting sponsored. You will receive payment for your talent and skills. You can either participate in flatland BMX riding, vertical and half pipe BMX riding, or motocross BMX riding.

BMX Events to Become a Professional

Flatland, halfpipe, and vertical BMX riding is featured in NBC’s Dew Tour as well as the X Games from ESPN. BMX motocross is not considered an Olympic Sport, but it’s featured in the Dew Tour. This includes two racing leagues, such as the National Bicycle League and the American Bicycle Association.

The introduction of the Dew Tour and the X Games have managed to expand the world of BMX riding like never before. The most popular events when it comes to BMX cycling at the X Games include Big Air, super halfpipe, and halfpipe. If you are interested in becoming a professional BMX rider on any of these X Games events, you will need to qualify when the individual tours travel around the world.

You will also find loads of local events in various cities across the globe, including professional flat land and street competitions as well as professional riding contests. If you can win a regional competition, you will get recognised by several event organisers and will be featured in BMX magazines. You will need to hone in your techniques and skills be practising every day at your local skate park.

Acquiring a Sponsorship Deal

If you wish to get a sponsorship deal from BMX manufacturers, BMX parts manufactures, or even clothing companies then you can go on YouTube. By uploading your tricks, skills, and techniques onto the internet through videos. Once you posted a video on the internet of your skills, you will permanently showcase what you can do and get your name out in the open for everyone to see. The more tricks and styles you perform, the higher your chances will be to receive a sponsorship deal.

Sponsors are always looking for substance and style. If you consider yourself a BMX who is stylish and colourful while performing tricks, you will get sponsorship in no time. Sponsors will gladly contribute to your travelling expenses, your equipment, and your bike to ensure you can travel across the world to promote their brand.

BMX Motocross

If half pipes and flat land is not your thing, you can always try your luck with BMX motocross. As previously stated, there are two ways to achieve this, either through the National Bicycle League or the American Bicycle Association. With the American Bicycle Association, you merely need to climb through the ranks from beginner through to expert to increase your exposure.

The National Bicycle League is another fantastic way to get recognised, and there are loads of events every year to get noticed. Simply attend these events, show them what you got, and receive a sponsorship to become a professional.