Fortnite Tops Video Game Sales in 2019

Many of those who are not ones to follow the video game industry will still have heard of Fortnite as the franchise is establishing itself as a household brand. Millions of teenagers and young adults globally have made Fortnite a cultural phenomenon, evident throughout 2018, as it was the highest-selling, and most played game worldwide. After the conclusion of the decade, the Nielson Firm completed an updated survey that noted that Fortnite acquired more than $1.8 million in sales this year. No other game in history has matched this yearly sales figure, with the closest being Grand Theft Auto 5.

The Nielson Firm noted that this incredible figure is minimal compared to the overall industry-earned profits, which stood at $120 billion throughout 2019. Subsequently, Epic Games maintains 4% of market sales and is currently compiling its data by reviewing all models of Fortnite. This includes the Console’s, PCs, Mobile Phones, eSports Leagues and VR Models. The mobile version of Fortnite was the highest-selling model, acquiring more than $640 thousand from worldwide consumers.

When breaking down the Nielson Firms statistics for the overall yearly industry sales, the personal computer acquired more funds than consoles. $26.6 billion was earned throughout the various game stores maintained on computers. When looking at the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the funds were $11.2 billion lower than the PC. The additional profits retained for the industry came from advertisements and virtual reality games, which both earned $6.5 billion.

It didn’t surprise analysts that Fortnite earned substantially higher profits than any other franchise, with regular promotions on notable brands being released bi-monthly. This included Star Wars, The Avengers and Stranger Things. Consumers interested in Fortnite can download the game for free, with the Battle Pass costing $10.00 every three months. Its popularity extends to 125 million players globally.

Google Backlash

Everything isn’t perfect for Epic Games going forward. The developer has squandered with the Google Corporation for a prolonged period, which comes after the two couldn’t come to an agreement for the 30% Taxation on all in-game profits. Both Epic Games and Google are dependent on the profits earned from loot boxes, cosmetic items and various other in-game items.

When looking to Epic Games, it’s their only source of income. Google maintains multiple avenues of profit. Regardless, Google has stated that if Epic Games distributes Fortnite via the Play Store without paying the taxation, their game will be banned immediately. This would stand as a significant problem for Fortnite and their annual revenue.