2021 Battlefield Announced

Enthusiasts of the Shooter – Video Game Genre, didn’t anticipate to hear that DICE will be creating a new Battlefield game for 2021. It’s been a prolonged period since the developer has released any new titles, with Battlefront Two and Battlefield Five both reaching the end of their lifespan. It’s prompted DICE Studios to look towards the future, hoping to re-enter the modern space after not engaging with this setting for a prolonged period. Those supporting the Battlefront Franchise won’t have a new entry until 2023 or later.

Most have forgotten after the unexpected events in 2020, but this Battlefield entry was initially announced in October 2019. During that announcement event, Electronic Arts revealed this game would be released by the 2022 Fiscal Year. That schedule has been revised to April 2021, providing fanatics less of a waiting period and something to look forward to shortly after the next-generation platforms are released to consumers.

Electronic Arts didn’t provide details regarding the storyline, setting, and enhancements to this Battlefield entry. It was exclusively revealed that new technologies are being implemented to innovate the Battlefield franchise to new heights. The last time DICE worked with new technologies for Battlefield was the 3rd instalment, which is considered their most noteworthy entry other than the 4th. The quality behind Battlefield has dropped by small percentages since these titles, with the 2021 entry slated to revitalize this franchise. Electronic Arts also noted that this entry would be cross-generation and be supported for the PC as well.


When questioned why they’re waiting until April 2021 to release this title, Electronic Arts mentioned that DICE is taking all advantages and opportunities associated with the more extensive instalment base with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. These developers need the additional three months to perfect all attributes regarding this game, ensuring that consumers receive the best product possible. However, delays could’ve been prompted because of the novel coronavirus infecting DICEs locations in California. Production is still active throughout Sweden, which would explain why the earlier release is still possible amidst the virus. Things can change very quickly for the schedule of Battlefield 2021, which we recommend fanatics review monthly.