Nintendo Switch Version of Outer Worlds Delayed

The Nintendo Switch is following significant delays after the coronavirus outbreak. Another delay was confirmed today by Virtuos, the studio that’s designing the Switch-Port of the Outer Worlds. This studio has faced substantial setbacks in their Singapore and Chinese-based officers, with numerous employees being forced to remain home by government law. This was confirmed by Take-Two, the corporation that owns Virtuous. Announcement of the delay was provided through Twitter, with the statement expressing that employees are healthy at home but that they cannot legally risk the chance of exposure.

The positive news was provided with their announcement as well. The Private Division of Take-Two revealed on the same day that a digital and physical version of the Outer Worlds would be released for the Nintendo Switch. It’s anticipated that following the coronavirus, the digital version will be released first with the physical model following two months later. Screenshots regarding the graphical fidelity of this title, showing what looks to be the best visuals displayed on the Nintendo Switch. Originally anticipated to release on April 1st, delays could pushback the launch date until June 1st.

Outer Worlds Sells Two Million Copies

Sales associated with the Outer Worlds will drastically increase when it’s ported to the Nintendo Switch. This follows after Take-Two has sold two million copies already, with that number expected to increase by an additional million following the June 1st launch date. Previous sales were collected from the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Consumers couldn’t help but be interested in this title, with it following similar gameplay to the Fallout franchise. The differences came with the setting, which centred around a space opera identical to the Borderlands franchise.

It’s rumoured that after the initial sales from the Nintendo Switch version of Outer Worlds, this title will be released to various streaming services. It’s been confirmed that this game will be released onto the Xbox Games Pass, with the PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia anticipated to follow in the coming months. Take-Two expressed that their main goal is to continually provide incredible experiences to players, regardless of the format. We will keep our readers updated with the official launch date of the Outer Worlds of the Nintendo Switch when Take-Two confirms it.