The Best White-Water Rafting Locations in Europe

White-river rafting is an incredible outdoor activity involving navigating rough waters while utilizing an inflatable raft. In various sections of rivers around the world, rafting can be seen as an extreme sport that can quickly turn out to be fatal. Each rapid comes with different grades, ranging from I through to V, from lowest to harshest. You will find loads of world-renowned rafting destinations across Europe that are ideal for white-river rafting. If you are interested in this extreme sport, here are a few fantastic destinations in Europe that you can check out.

Sjoa River, Norway

The Sjoa River in Norway has a rapid rating class of II-IV. Loads of companies provide rafting activities that manage to attract plenty of tourists from across Europe. The river accommodates all rafting levels and gladly welcomes experienced paddlers, families, and newcomers alike. The most popular trip on the Sjoa river is through the Heidal that covers a 10-mile length. This personal trip goes through famous rapids but completely avoids the expert level rapids.

Noce River, Italy

The Noce River runs through the valley of the Sun which is situated in northern Italy. The river comes with a rapid rating class of III-IV. National Geographic recognizes the Noce river as one of the top 10 river rafting destinations across the globe. The rafting locations offer a beautiful backdrop that contains the Dolomites mountains and provides more than 16 miles of rafting that caters to both beginners and experienced paddlers. The area also comes equipped with a wide range of other sports activities, including mountain climbing, skiing, and cycling. The best time to visit the Noce River is between May and September each year as the river is at its highest then.

In River, Austria

The Inn River runs through Germany, Switzerland, and Australia and is 322 miles in length. The river originates from Switzerland at Lake Lughino and starts gathering speed as it runs through the Swiss Alps. The Austrian Tyrol region is where the river passes, making it ideal for white-water rafters, regardless of their skill level. The best rafting time at the Inn River is from June through to August every year.

Una River, Croatia

The Una River is essentially a natural border between Bosnia and Croatia and flows through the famous Una National Park. The Una river comes with a rapid rating class of I-IV, and the rafting experience begins just after the Strbacki Buk Waterfall with a height of 59ft. The best time to enjoy a white-water rafting experience is between April and October. All skills levels are welcome at Una River, including families and children.

Rhine River, Switzerland

The Rhine River flows through Western and Central Europe and eventually drains in the North Sea. The length of the river is about 760 miles and has a rapid rating class of III-IV. It’s also a top-rated destination for skiing and is best to visit between May and October.