Extreme Sports to Try in Mexico

If you were under the impression that Mexico is a place where you sip on cocktails and get a fantastic tan in the process, think again! Adrenaline junkies have been flocking to Mexico for more than just the beautiful beaches and welcoming weather as there are tons of extreme sports activities that you can enjoy while visiting this beautiful country. If you are interested in a hair-raising, breath-taking, and heart-thumping vacation, go through our list of the best extreme sports you need to try in Mexico.

Freshwater Cave Diving

Similar to an epic adventure to the centre of the earth, the freshwater cave diving experience in the Yucatan peninsula is not a standard scuba-dive. You are welcome to go beneath the surface where you’ll be able to witness crystal-clear cenotes (sinkholes) and experience what it would be like to see the world upside down thanks to stalactites and cave systems scattered all over the place.


If you are not interested in seeing the world from underneath the ocean, you are welcome to enjoy a thrilling skydiving experience in Mexico where you’ll be thrown off a plane to see the Pacific coast of Mexico like never before. The company that grants you this experience is known as Skydive Ixtapa, and they impress with more than two decades of industry experience. You will also be pleased to know that there are several skydiving locations around Mexico, so you don’t have to settle with one destination or one company for that matter.

Glacier Climbing

After you reached the Pico de Orizaba boundary of glacier sheet at around 16,000 feet, there’s no point in turning back. You will quickly realize that it’s only you and those that are as daring as you that face the mountain ahead. Climbing the glacier will test your willpower and resilience as the danger, and cold will always tell your mind to turn back. Thankfully, there’s a spectacular view to keep your account occupied.

Bungee Jumping

The wild landscape in Baja California patiently waits for you to participate in a bungee jumping experience in Los Cabos. This exceptional tour will allow you to jump off a glass gondola that overlooks a fantastic canyon along with breath-taking views of the Sea of Cortez. If you are interested in having the thrill of your life, while enjoying marvellous views of Los Cabos, this is the best way to do it!


La Ventana is considered the crown jewel when it comes to kitesurfing destinations in Mexico. Even though it’s just a simple fishing village, it’s become synonymous with kite surfers around the world thanks to the perfect wind conditions all year round. The living in this small town is cheap, the Sea of Cortez is magnificent, and the ambience is genuinely chilled to provide a fun day at sea where you can test your skills as you get dragged by a giant kite while gliding on aboard. You can also go for lessons around the area if it’s your first time.