Bernie Sanders Becomes Super Mario

It’s never surprising what video game enthusiasts will accomplish. One developer from the United States of America created an entire 8Bit World surrounding Bernie Sanders. This title players precisely like Super Mario Brothers, with it being named “Super Bernie World”. Consumers behind this product, which is available on the personal computer, traverse eleven states to liberate America from the republics. All of this is accomplished while Bernie Sanders collects Vermont Cheddar Cheese, which provides him with the necessary energy to keep moving forward in his old age.

Super Bernie World is a direct port from the Super Mario Brother titles, with added comical humour implemented to make the game more enjoyable for voters in the 2020 election. Consumers will see Ice Bullets thrown towards Republic Politicians, with a different version of Donald Trump supported with every three levels. Instead of consumers jumping on top of Mario’s Koopa Troopas, Bernie Sanders will jump on Mitch McConnel’s face. It’s little elements like this that have made Super Bernie World a popular title in North America through Steam and other PC platforms.

Bernie Sanders supporters include game developers, with these unknown assailants providing a public message before the beginning of this game. Its expressed that Super Bernie World is encouraging consumers to vote with the upcoming United States election. Millions across America desperately don’t want to see Donald Trump re-elected.

The issue is that there are also millions of Americans that want to see their president return for another four years. Most political analysts agree this would be detrimental to the United States of America and would potentially prompt a revolution. Regardless of what happens with the upcoming election, this game has proven to be enjoyable and hilarious for consumers. Those wanting to play this title can download it through Steam or Itch. It should be noted that there’s also a dating game surrounding Bernie Sanders.

The Super Mario Brothers & Nintendo

The Nintendo Corporation has struggled in recent years with the Super Mario Brothers brand, with them failing to update these titles to ensure that consumers continue playing their titles. The first instance of a modernized Mario game with Odyssey, which saw the character arrive into an open-world space designed after New York City.