Xbox Games Released to Android

Gamers have dreamed of the day when they’d be capable of playing their favourite Xbox games through Android Phones. That day has finally come with the releasing of Xbox Console Streaming on the Google Play Market. This streaming service enables players to play any of the hundreds of games available on Xbox Cloud, which includes numerous titles from the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. However, this new application is available to only customers in the United Kingdom or the United States. Additionally, the application build is still in its alpha phase and requires users to have an Xbox One Wireless Controller. The Alpha Version of the application supports Xbox One games only, with 360 and Classic Titles estimated to come in the Beta Version or Final Product.

Those preparing to have their game library with them wherever they go should be patient. Microsoft isn’t ready to compete with PlayStation’s Remote Play, which enables this powerful feature for PS4 Games. However, if Microsoft doesn’t complete their Xbox-to-Android Game Application in the coming weeks, then they will miss out on a considerable portion of this market. Below we review the most anticipated games coming to this Xbox Streaming Service.

The Games

Microsoft has collected a substantial library of games within two decades of operating in the gaming industry. Notable franchises from their Xbox Console include Fable, Gears of War, Forza and Halo. Microsoft is anticipated to provide their fans with more than 1000+ games through their virtual library. The most anticipated games coming include:

  • The Halo Franchise: All several games in the Halo Franchise, including Reach and ODST, are coming to this streaming service. Players take on the role of Master Chief as he explores the universe in search of Halos, saving millions back home on Earth and billions around the world.
  • Gears of War Franchise: The world has been taken over by a monstrous plague that requires the assistance of Marcus and his buddies, which will have players travel over five games and meet generations of characters. A sixth game is in development and anticipated to be released in unison with the streaming service.
  • Forza Franchise: Those gamers that require speed at its highest ferocity can experience the Forza and Forza Horizon game series. The Horizon Series puts players in an open-world landscape where they can race against fellow drivers, destroy the environment or roam the roads openly. The Forza Series places gamers on a racing track like Circuit of the Americas and has them race in a professional setting.
  • Fable Franchise: This game franchise expands over four entries that take gamers around a virtual kingdom reminiscent of England’s Medieval Era. Become a knight and fend off against mystical creates to save your country from disaster. The Fable Franchise is quoted with starting the open-world action-adventure role-playing series.
  • Call of Duty Franchise: The final franchise that’s most anticipated on the Xbox-to-Android Streaming Service is Call of Duty. It’s been confirmed by Microsoft that every entry in the series from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 will be released with the Beta version of the application.