The Best Extreme Sports Destinations in Europe

If you don’t enjoy an isolated, relaxing vacation on the beach with a gripping book, don’t worry. There are plenty of adrenaline-infused sports activities around Europe that you can participate in to get your blood pumping. Whether you want to race down a few rapids, fall out of a plane, or launch yourself from a cliff, there’s something on our list that will pique your interest.

Interlaken, Switzerland

The beautiful Interlaken in Switzerland stands out as one of the best extreme sports destinations in Europe, if not the world. There’s an overabundance of sports activities in the area that are specifically designed to get your heart pumpings, such as paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, and canyoning. Should you get bored of these activities, you can always make your way to the Lauterbrunnen valley where you can enjoy some base-jumping for an added thrill.

Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa is a tiny town, but it’s become an international hub for kite surfers that are seeking an adrenaline rush on their holidays. The constant high winds from the peninsula have made this the perfect destination to travel along the ocean at terrifying speeds on a board. And, if you are looking for more speed, use a bigger kite. However, we highly doubt that will be the case when you experience the high winds here. If you are new to kitesurfing, you’ll also find plenty of kite surfing schools in the area to help you along.

Mont Blanc, France

The highest peak in Europe is Mont Blanc. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the area is a giant magnet for those that seek extreme sports. One of the most challenging and difficult things to do in the region is to climb to the summit of this mountain. However, if you are interested in something less challenging, we highly recommend that you paraglide down the side of the hill for some spectacular views.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

The hypnotic Cesky Krumlov is only a short journey away from the capital of Prague, and it comes equipped with a wide variety of extreme sports activities that will appeal to everyone, regardless of their age. The Vltava river that runs through the entire city is perfect for a wide range of water sports, ranging from inflatable tube riding to rafting. You can easily spend a whole day on the river without even realizing it.

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck in Austria might appear idyllic and tranquil at first, and most people enjoy the experience to see deep blue skies and soaring peaks while being warm and comfy in the valley. However, you will also be pleased to know that the region comes packed with exciting extreme sports activities to keep you entertained. For instance, you can participate in a thrilling bungee jump experience, or you can enjoy a world-class skiing adventure that cannot be matched as you go down at 120km/h.