Battlefield 5 Remains Unpleasing to Play

It’s officially been one year since gamers got their hands of Battlefield 5, which received significant backlash throughout its opening months. However, one year later and this World War II shooter is still facing significant issues. Many expected that the fast-paced reflexed and tactical strategies require to win would set off a new wave of popularity for the Battlefield franchise. However, there have been controversies surrounding this game since its launch date. The most significant is their time to kill mechanic, which has split a once strong community into two.

Time to Kill Mechanics

The Time to Kill pandemic that faced Battlefield has been a non-stop issue amongst the community, with the developer working with them regularly to determine the best settings possible. The Time to Kill feature refers to how fast players can kill one another, with Battlefield Five’s taking longer than any other shooter in 2019. Even the horrendous Gears of Way receives faster kill times than Battlefield Five, which prompts a game that feels slow-paced and clunky to die-hard fans in the franchise.

Since the original slow-paced issues occurred, the time rate has increased tenfold, with average deaths taking seconds. However, the game is now lacking content from the developing, focusing on internal settings for twelve months. This has led the multiplayer mode to see a 40% decrease in activity, which jumped by an additional 15.4% with the release of Modern Warfare 2019. The chances that this game can recover before the next iteration in the franchise dissipates daily, providing fans with less hope that Battlefield 5 won’t become a World War II epic.

It should be noted that Battlefield Five’s developer has alternated the time to kill value multiple times throughout twelve months. It’s been noted that with 90% of regular updates, its been slight changes to the powers of the weapon and the time to kill. Subsequently, veteran players are forced to create specialized lobbies that avoid newcomers to the game. Otherwise, the knowledge relating to the newcomer’s death percentage is unknown, creating significantly unbalanced lobbies.

The Disappointments

These issues have appeared in previous battlefield games, indicating that the genuine fans are used to this level of disappointment. Considering that these games cost $90.00, there shouldn’t be any disappointing features for this shooter. Battlefield Five might be costly, but all future content is free, and the developers have worked regularly to fix their mistakes. It shows an unwavering loyalty towards the community, which most developers don’t express when their games become dysfunctional.