Best Kite Surfing Spots in South Africa

Mostly the winds on the coast of South Africa manages to chase beach-goers inside. This is great news for seasoned kite surfers as they want the bigger waves driven by the wind and its power. Steady, strong winds on parts of the coast are favoured by surfers and it also makes for prime kitesurfing spots. Cape Town’s coastline is considered the best kite surfing destination around the globe. Professional kitesurfers visit the Cape in South Africa yearly from the start of October through to March.

Kite Surfing Enjoys Massive Increase in South Africa

One of the fastest growing sports in the country is kite surfing. Both international and local professionals, as well as water sports enthusiasts, favour this outdoor activity more than anything else. Kite surfers wear harnesses and hold onto a bar while the sport includes standing on a surfboard or kiteboard. The bar in his hands is used to direct the kite in different directions. More experienced kite surfers know how to direct the kite to make the most use of the wind conditions.

Outdoor Activities Available in South Africa

As one of the biggest outdoor enthusiasts favoured destinations, South Africa’s list of outdoor activities in the air includes a list of activities. These include sky diving, hot air ballooning and paragliding as well as helicopter flips.

When it comes to land activities, the country is known for game viewing, hiking, ostrich rides, kloofing, abseiling and Rapp jumping. Sandboarding, rhino tracking, and mountain climbing are also part of the most popular activities.

Perfect Wind Conditions

Due to the wind conditions, hot climate and beautiful beaches, the country’s water activities include canoeing, boardsailing, kite surfing and kayaking. For the brave tourists there is also crocodile cave diving, shark cage diving, white water rafting, spearfishing and fly fishing.

Most Popular Kite-Surfing Spots

The most popular spots for kite surfing and windsurfing includes Langebaan, Bloubergstrand, Knysna and Muizenberg. Although the entire coastline part of the Western Cape is favoured by kite surfers. Cape Town offers the perfect combination of strong winds and great waves. The wind is consistent enabling kite surfers to enjoy hours out on the water.

Guest Houses Geared for Kite-Surfers

Most of the guest houses along the coastline are geared up for surfers and kite surfers and on windy days you can spot hundreds of surfers on the ocean. The guest houses feature gear-drying areas in the rooms for the surfer’s gear.

Kite-Surfing Gear for Rent

Highly experiences to beginners’ favour South Africa as the ideal kite surfer spot, it offers an adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventure like no other place in the world. Visitors can either travel with their kite surfing gear or simply hire from loads of kite-surfing-shops on the beach. So, there is really no reason why anyone should lose out on gliding over the breakers to enjoy one of the most exhilarating rides.