The Most Extreme Sports Activities Across Malaysia

The tourism in and around Malaysia centres around biodiversity, shopping, and delicious food. However, there’s only a handful that appreciates the wide variety of extreme adventure activities within the country, and it’s only available to those that know where to look. It’s for this reason that we decided to compile a list of the most extreme sports activities across Malaysia to help you find an adrenaline-pumping event whenever you visit this beautiful country.

ATV Ride, Kuala Lumpur

If you are interested in an off-road adventure, visit the ATV Tours in Malaysia’s capital. An ATV is essentially a quad bike that you can drive through various muddy trails in the country. Tours will take you along the river and through multiple jungles for nearly 2 hours. There’s not a lot of adventure activities in the country that will offer the same thrilling 4×4 experience through muddy terrain. You will also find that Pangkor Island offers the same ATV tours.

Bungee Jumping, Selangor

Malaysia is not a country that is renowned for bungee jumping like New Zealand or China. However, if you are interested in jumping in the Selangor Sunway Lagoon, you’ll find a 22-meter drop that will surely provide enough excitement in your day. Even though it’s not a long drop when compared to other bungee jump destinations, it’s the only one you’ll find in Malaysia. It’s worth mentioning that you will first need to pay entry into the theme park before you can jump.

Flyboarding, Putrajaya

If you are searching for an unusual sports activity, you cannot go wrong with flyboarding in Malaysia. This sport essentially requires you to stand on board while in the water with an extremely high-pressured jetpack that comes attached to the board. Once you are fastened and secure, a stream of water will fire down to propel you into the air. The keyboard experience is situated in Putrajaya is promises to provide a unique experience that you will never forget. You can look forward to a 20-minute session that will only set you back $90.

Paragliding, Sabah and Selangor

Paragliding is quickly growing into one of the most popular extreme sports you need to try before you die. It’s also a viral activity in Malaysia that you can work in two different locations within the country. If you find yourself in West Malaysia, you can make your way to Selangor where you can enjoy tandem paragliding. This will set you back around $50 for the experience. However, should you be located in East Malaysia, you can make your way to Sabah’s Kota Kinabalu where you will find paragliders flying high across the tea plantations and mountains.

Diving, Terengganu

If you ever in West Malaysia, be sure to embark on an underwater sea adventure with scuba diving. You’ll find plenty of beautiful corals and a great variety of colourful fish under the water. There are more than 20 dive sites around northeast Malaysia, and the experience usually lasts around 2 hours.