Rockstar Games Sends Employees Home

The developers & publishers behind the Grand Theft Auto Franchise announced that they’d be sending their employees home for the remaining coronavirus pandemic. This announcement was made through the Rockstar Games Twitter account, with representatives confirming that their implementing strategic measures to ensure that Covid-19 doesn’t spread throughout their offices. This doesn’t mean that development cycles will end going forward, with each respective employee being provided with the necessary tools to continue working from home. These policies apply to all their international studios and offices. Closures began internally earlier this week before members of the public were informed.

Consumers behind the Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online platforms were promised that the respective developed schedules behind these titles wouldn’t be interrupted throughout the coming months. This isn’t surprising considering that GTA Online has earned Rockstar Games more than $8 Billion in profit, with it now being historically the most significant entertainment property in history. Rockstar Games would refuse losing potential earnings from the increased closures globally, prompting millions to remain enclosed within their homes. Some financial analysts anticipate that Rockstar Games could earn upwards of $150 million from Red Dead Online and GTA Online during this global pandemic.

It should be mentioned that the Covid-19 Pandemic has become a destructive hindrance onto the video game industry. Multiple large-scale venues have been terminated to account for public safety. This includes E3 2020, Pax East 2020 and the Game Developers Conference. The Sony Corporation also confirmed that its yearly venue wouldn’t be held. Multiple developers have also sent their employees home for self-isolation strategies. Global tactics of this nature have ensured that the coronavirus hasn’t spread to previous estimations.

American Nintendo Employee Contracts Coronavirus

Substantial forces in the video game industry, like the Sony Corporation and Xbox Company, are debating sending their respective employees’ home for safer working conditions. This follows after an individual employed with Nintendo America contracted the coronavirus. Located in Washington, it’s prompted the immediate self-quarantine of numerous employees. Considering that asymptomatic individuals don’t showcase signs of the coronavirus, most of the state has become self-isolated for personal protection. Sony and Xbox could implement similar strategies within their respective North American offices.