Charles Leclerc Penalised for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The first lap for Bahrain’s Sakhir Grand Prix saw Max Verstappen & Charles Leclerc DNF after an unfortunate mistake. Lunging down into the first corner, the Scuderi Ferrari driver damaged his front-left tyre by colliding with Sergio Perez. That collision prompted the Racing Point of Sergio Perez to sustain damage & touch with the Red Bull of Max Verstappen. Max worked diligently to control his RB16 but inevitably collided into the barriers. Both Leclerc & Verstappen were notably disappointed, with Sergio Perez coming relatively unscathed.

Sergio Perez would find himself pitting before the second lap & entering the last position of P18. Prominent skillsets were displayed with Perez leaping through the field, overtaking nearly all drivers to obtain P1. It’d mark the fist P1 Podium finish for Serio Perez. While luck improved for the Mexican driver, an opposite reality was happening for Charles Leclerc. FIA Stewards determined that for the incident caused by Leclerc, a three-grid placement penalty has been issued for F1s last race of this year. Whatever Charles Leclerc acquires qualifying position on December 12th will be demoted by three placements.

Misjudgment in the braking points for Sakhir Grand Prix’s layout has caused challenging problems for Scuderia Ferrari & Charles Leclerc. This affects the Constructor’s Championship placement for the prancing horses, with their primary driver unlikely to acquire prominent points at Abu Dhabi. When the incident initially happened, nobody knew the individual causing apparent damage. After the footage was replayed multiple times by FIA Stewards, evidence indicated that Leclerc was solely at-fault.

Verstappen Reacts

Max Verstappen wasn’t impressed with the actions displayed by Charles Leclerc. Post-race interviews saw the Red Bull Driver emphasis that Leclerc was correct in taking responsibility & punishments are deserved. Its rare Max Verstappen will critically judge fellow drivers to such extremes in recent seasons. Another incident involving Charles Leclerc at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix would evoke likely on-track altercations between the two men.